Bio Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Petite appearance, unique fragrance and taste of the world famous variety having a significant role in the Hungarian wine-market.  Bright greenish-yellow color, intensive elder-flower sensation on the nose, that is reflected on the palate. Freshness is maintained through balanced acidity and carbon-dioxide from fermentation. Since 2017 was a uniquely warm year, this wine reflects more of tropical exotic fruits than green nettle.   

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Bio Juhfark 2017

Pale yellow color with silver reflections. Medium intensity, mineral fragrance, recalling almond, but with aeration moderate exotic fruity features appear. Has a great momentum in the glass, the sip is fresh and clear.  This item has good potential in the bottle, its complexity will further develop. 

Awards:  PAR Organic – Silver 88 POINT, Whine of the Parlament third place other white variety wine

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Bio 14,92 Olaszrizling 2016


The name refers to the actual alcohol content. Especially nice, late harvest specialty wine. The elevated alcohol and dry -material contents of the shrunk berries overwrite the variety specific character providing a unique sensation on the nose and the palate. Dark golden color, the full bodied wine moves with high viscosity in the glass, acacia honey sensation on the nose. 

Dried fruits with apricot dominance on the palate. Recommended for special occasions, needs time to unfold in the glass, served as a great companion of blue-cheese or as a desert-wine.

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Bio Tramini - Sárgamuskotály 2017

  We prepared this wine for those who prefer semi-sweet wines. We selected these two grape varieties to combine intensive fragrance and acidity. Its color reflects the golden yellow of late harvest accompanied by moderate resin fragrance.  

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Bio Kékfrankos Rosé 2018

Protected designation of Origin (PDO) dry rose. Onion peel color, cranberry and redcurrant on the nose with red berries on the palate. Light, fresh acids, just how we like a good rose!

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Bio Dobosi Cuvée 2017


Showing our family name on the label, since we believe that this red-wine represents best the Nivegy-völgy and the Balaton region. Medium ruby color, cherry and sour cherry with red berries on the nose and the palate. 

Not aged in an oak cask, since we wish to reflect the fruits and berries in a clear manner!  

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Bio Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

  This is our full bodied red wine in the selection for decades. Its popularity is based on the character of the variety itself, often referred to as the 'king of red-wine'. Deep ruby color, black berries and herbs on the nose. Medium acidity, a round sip in the mouth, balanced body-tannin ratio. From our Tagyon-hegy vineyard. 

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Philippe de Chalendar 2016

Named after the French conductor, Philipe de Chalendar who married a Hungarian woman and moved to Hungary. Philipe purchased an area on Tagyon-hegy and agreed to have it cultured by us and we prepare wine for him. Its specialty is that it is based on a recipe from Bordeaux. 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot. It is aged in an oak cask for nine months, which is a medium toast, new and reused, 225l Trust barrel. 

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Bio Törköly Pálinka/ Marc brandy -

These is always some marc (pressed grapes) around a cellar and as a tradition we prepare marc brandy. The novelty is that we have it distilled in Badacsonyörs by an expert brandy master resulting in an easy to consume, intensive on the palate brandy. 

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