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As a supplement to our wines we serve cheese plate and selection of cold cuts (ham, salami, sausage) from local producers. Each bite reflects the knowledge and purity that these cheese and cuts are produced.

For rapid tasting (wine only) no reservation is needed during opening hours. For a more relaxed tasting with cheese-plate and cold cuts please contact us in advance!

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Wine-tasting prices



5 wine varieties
HUF 2,000/person


8 wine varieties
HUF 3,000/person


Cheese plate for 2 person
HUF 2,500


Cheese and cold cuts for 2 person
HUF 3,500




Our wine dinner is only available on reservation with minimum 15 participants. Please note that for each dinner we only offer one type of dish. We offer wine tasting in any location in Hungary our prices vary depending on distance and number of participants. Please request a specific quote at !


Cellar tour


  Kóbor tour is initiated by 4 wineries and a restaurant in the Balaton Uplands. Our goal is to introduce our beautiful, mediterranean Nivegy-valley, local high quality wines and regional food variety. Each Friday our 'wine-shuttle' transport our guest from cellar to cellar. we offer 3-3 wines at each family owned cellar and close the event at 'Zsóka guesthouse' with the wines of the forth winery.