The Riesling Generation and the Balaton Circle called to life the PDO of Welschriesling.


Our family is one of the main organizers from day one, since we firmly believe that the future of the Balaton Wine region will be determined by co-operations!

The system is built up as a pyramid. Unlike many associations we started with a firm foundation creating and stabilizing our base wine named BalatonWine for over 3 years. BalatonWine is a simple, but crystal clear wine with characteristic Welschriesling features as a standard for the entire Balaton Region.

Next level is the 'Hegybor', with aged Welschriesling where the main focus is not merely on the variety specific fruity taste but on the terrroire and vintage of the wine. A touch of cask is welcome making sure that it does not mask the notes of terroire and balanced minerals. An area of 200 acres as a geographical unit is considered a single wine-region with characteristic, high quality wine. Next level will be 'Dűlős bor', which is a very specific geographical location where the vineyard has optimal location, soil, slope, micro-climate resulting in very high quality, top wines. We are ready to move to this next level only if the underlying level 'Hegybor' is cemented. That is once we have created a 'Hegybor' that is delivering high quality on a constant base we can move on and work on the 'Dűlős bor' top category.





Szent Balázs templomrom: Roman time church ruins
Óbudavár mosó: washing house of Óbudavár
Kőtenger- Szentbékkálla: field of uncovered rocks
Hegyestű: fantastic view point from the volcanic hill-top
Kinizsi Vár- Nagyvázsony: ruins of the fortress and castle


Further POI within 50km radius

Balatonfüred – Lóczy Barlang: cave with geological curiosities
Balatonfüred old town from the 1800s
Balatonfüred- Annagora Aqapark: Aqua-park
Balatonfüred- Tagore sétány: promenade along the shores of Balaton
Veszprémi Állatkert: Zoo
Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra: world famous China manufacturing site and museum
Tapolcai tavas barlang: cave-lake
Tapolcai Malom tó: mill-pond
Kehida Termál – Kehidakustány: thermal bath and aqua-park
Sobri Józska kalandpark: adventure park




Please note that most of the family owned wineries need and appointment before visiting!

Kiss Cellar

Holló Cellar

Gergely Winery

Mersics House

Lidia Winery

Martinus Winery

Horváth Winery

Hertzka Estate

Szabó & Son Cellar




Szentantalfa - Zsóka Gesthause
Szentantalfa - Pizzeria Rock Street
Tagyon Estate- Tagyon hill
Zánka - Neked Főztem Restaurant
Zánka - Zizi Pizzeria
Zánka - Theodora Restaurant
Balatonakali - Fék restaurant, confectionery and supermarket