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Our philosophy

Drink organic!

We firmly believe that we have a duty in our lives. As individuals we are created for specific tasks and roles.

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We work hard to fulfill our mission and find happiness on the way. This does not mean that we are not facing difficulties and not get exhausted at times as winemakers. We do have disputes and dis-harmonies as all families do.

But we are happy and eager to do it better everyday. We like people, we like the nature, we like the uplands of Balaton and living within bounds.

We believe that dining is an important part of our culture. Consuming food is more than supplying the nutrients to our body. we avoid processed foods and attempt to eat what our family produces. 'You are what you eat!' If one consumes proper food his life will change for good. He will not desire superficial 'single serving' tastes, friends, relationships. Thus our philosophy applies not only to our wines, but our life itself.

The foundation of our business is our family. Our job is more than a hobby, it is our life. Running our winery is a full time job, our being serious about it needs to shine through all the details.


Dániel Dobosi

I built the cellar in 1988 and quit the co-operative the following year to pursue my dream. This was a very risky decision at that time, but I was certain that it was the right way. My ancestors have been living in Szentantalfa since 1700 making a living as grape growers and wine makers, this gave me the courage to 'leave the certain for the uncertain'. We started off with 1 acre which has grown since to 25. The family cultivates all the vineyards and we plan any development together.

Ilona Dobosi

Winery and Family. It all started in 1978 when Dániel, a young handsome man, instead asking me faint-hearted to date introduced me to the realms of wine-making. Ever since this is our common passion and goal. As our winery grew bigger and bigger every year making our dreams come true our family grew larger and larger with the blessings of God. During the next few harvests I gave birth to 5 children who literally grew up among the vine-stock, since the ripening of grapes have seldom respect to the status of young mothers. It came natural to us to work long hours six days a week since this is our life and these are our values. We hoped that our commitment to the winery will be inherited by our children but never forced it to happen. We let them leave, experience and return. Győző and Bálint were especially sensitive to this thus by now they are running the winery on a daily base.

Győző Dobosi

I grew up in the vineyard, learned to ride a bike, cane collection and how to clean vine-stock. My first professional success came at the age of 12 at the Zánka Wine-week becoming the runner-up on the wine identification contest. I was an active participant on the wine festivals and trade-shows. After graduating from high-school I studied Oenology at Balatonfüred, but learned most on the spot while working for the family winery. For us everything is about wine, I even met my future wife at a wine-fare. When we took our first baby from the hospital we directly went to a wine -fare at Balatonfüred to manage our staff, thus Bella saw the Tagore promenade earlier than her cradle. This is our passion. As the front person of our winery my responsibility is to organize wine tasting events and sales-marketing activities. My motto is 'if we do something do it 100%', a steam-engine does not move with a boiler at 95C, but at boiling temperature the steam can move mountains.

Bálint Dobosi

I am not a man of speech, ever since I was a small kid I spent my life in the vineyard riding my tractor. I graduated in 2002 as an Oenologist and Viticulturist, but I learned most on this profession not in school, but on the field from my parents. As I grew older it became evident that my life will be all about our winery and vineyards. I am blessed that my work is my passion!





PAR  Wine Award International - Germany

Gold 90 point - Bio Nivegy-völgy Olaszrizling Hegybor


Decanter World Wine Awards London 2020

Silver 88 point - Organic Nivegy-völgy Olaszrizling


Decanter World Wine Awards London 2019

Silver 92 points - Bio Juhfark 2017

XIII.  National and International Organic Wines Challange

Top Gold - Bio 14,92 Olaszrizling 2016




PAR International Organic 2018


Gold  90 Haraszt Kéknyelű
Silver 88 Juhfark
Silver 87 Kéknyelű

Coming soon...

Wine of the Parlament 2018


Winner, other white varietal wine - Bio Kéknyelű 2016

Third-place, other white varietal wine - Bio Juhfark 2017


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade wine selection

Superior  - 2018


Decanter World Wine - LONDON 2018

Silver 90 Point - Bio Kéknyelű 2016
Bronze 86 point - Bio Haraszt Kéknyelű 2016




Silver - Bio Hordós Chardonnay 2015


Wine of Veszprém county - 2018

Veszprém county: best white varietal wine- Bio Háromszög Olaszrizling 2016


International Welschriesling Wine contest - 2018

Best dry Welschriesling-  Bio Háromszög Olaszrizling 2016

National Organic wine contest - 2018

Best white varietal wine - Bio Háromszög Olaszrizling 2016



Decanter World Wine - LONDON  2017

Silver 93 Point - Bio Kéknyelű 2015

National wine contest 2017

Gold - Bio Hordós Olaszrizling
Best Carpathian basin varietal wine - Bio Hordós Olaszrizling
Best full bodied white varietal wine  - Bio Hordós Olaszrizling


GOLD 91 point - Bio Kéknyelű 2015

Veszprém wine of the city

Bio Kéknyelű 2015

Balaton wine contest

Gold – Bio Juhfark 2017
Gold– Bio Háromszög Olaszrizling





It lies below Szentantalfa characterized by the red limestone and clay. Extraordinary acidity, beautiful mineral wines are grown here. Kéknyelű, Sauvignon Blanc, Szürkebarát, Cabernet Sauvignon, Juhfark





On the western side of Nivegy valley, the Dörgicse hill lies above Zánka. As the name implies it is mainly clay resulting great wines of: Welschriesling, Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon,  Chardonnay, Szürkebarát, Juhfark.





Lies 100m to the East of Haraszt, southern situated area of mainly limestone. Planted in 2005-2006.

Vine variety: Sauvignon Blanc, Welschriesling, Kékfrankos.





Lies towards the village from Agyaglik. Below the clay top layer it is limestone. Welschriesling and most of our grape juice comes from this area.





Lies above Zánka with unique panorama over the lake. The southern slopes and clay soil with striving fig trees gives a Mediterranean atmosphere. Wines coming from this area are complex and rich with moderate acidity. 

Wines: Philippe de Chalendar, Tramini, Sárgamuskotály, Kékfrankos.






Lies on the western side of Balatonfüred overlooking Tihany and lake Balaton. 

Wines: Riesling, Welschriesling, Cabernet Franc.



Tagyon, below the Hegyestű



Southern slopes with clay topsoil. Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Welschriesling.